The interworks.cloud integration framework is designed to enable data synchronization (accounts, products, invoices etc.) with third party systems. It can be used for integrating with any ERP, Finance, CRM or ticketing system that supports RESTful API.

It requires no development effort since all data synchronization scenarios are defined with the use of a JSON document that follows the OpenAPI-Specification (v3) Standard. This JSON document will be used to describe the third system RESTful API (authentication, API paths and objects) and the transformation schemas between interworks.cloud and third party system data objects. 

The Integration Framework synchronization procedure runs as often as you wish by using the queue mechanism.  With the queue mechanism ensures that a failed sync action will not halt or cancel whole operation. Also if an entity is not synced (for any reason), the system will try to sync it daily until the sync is successful. The integration framework is executed per installation (for all organizations) and runs synchronization actions for all active integration instances. Synchronization actions (create, update, etc.) are executed based on the permissions that the user has set on the corresponding instance settings page.

Our integration framework currently supports data transformation for the following entities: AccountContactOrderInvoiceProduct, Payment, Case and Subscription. For more details, please see: interworks.cloud JSON Objects