Versioning and Deprecation

Setting of API Version

To use any of the API methods the user’s version is required.

This is done by appending the X-Api-Version header to each request you make with the version number.

Latest API Version: 3.0

IMPORTANT: Organizations created prior to build 3.21.1

Before build 3.21.1, the definition of X-Api-Version header was not necessary and API Version 1.0 was served as the default version.

This functionality is kept unchanged for the organizations created prior to build 3.21.1, but issues may arise in case a newly created organization is used with your implementation.

It is strongly advised to include the X-Api-Version header in all your requests with the API version number of your choice, to avoid inconsistencies between the organizations of an infrastructure.

Version format

API version numbers are in the format major.minor

The major version number changes if changes are made that are incompatible with the previous version

The minor version number changes if functionality is added in a backwards-compatible manner. The minor version number is skipped for the initial major versions, e.g., versions 1.0, 2.0 are noted as 1, 2. 

The API Versions currently available are 1, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0

Deprecation Policy supports all versions of the API for at least 12 months after they are released. It is recommended that you move to the latest version as soon as possible after a release.

Customers will receive 3 months’ notice when an API notice is scheduled to be deprecated.

The Platform BSS API is versioned in order to provide maximum backwards-compatibility to external applications and allow for maximum flexibility for future expansion.