Introduction to Service Management

Welcome to the Service Management API (SMAPI) technical documentation portal!

The articles in this section explain how the Service Manager API (SMAPI) framework runs, what it offers, and how to implement the scenarios you require.

A service manager is a key platform functionality that allows you to integrate the platform with cloud services from external providers. In other words, a service manager automates the delivery and day-to-day management of cloud services. Once a service is modeled in the platform and incorporated into its automation layer, all critical operational processes for the provisioning, monitoring, metering, self-management, authentication of service will run seamlessly, allowing for further interaction with other applications in the ecosystem of the vendor.

Although the platform is already integrated with most leading service providers, you can always add integrations for new services or even enable your own. You can use the Service Manager to automate the delivery of the following types of products through the platform:

  • Subscription-based products having fixed unit price per license (e.g. Microsoft O365, Google Workspace)
  • Subscription-based products having Pay-per-use logic (e.g. Microsoft Azure)
  • Fixed-term products (Kaspersky Security, Microsoft Software Subscriptions, etc)
  • One-off products (e.g. laptops)

To do this, we have developed the SMAPI, which allows the integration of new services through the implementation of a fixed set of API endpoints. This way, our platform allows you to manage the access and subscription to new services.

In this section, you will find the following information:

  • How to get started with our SMAPI: understand the service provision process of our platform, explain the main terms you need to know that will help you set the right configuration parameters, comprehend how our platform interacts with service managers, and how you can use the API.
  • How to implement the most common service provision scenarios (recurring plans, consumption-based services, license-based services, and configurable services)
  • Detailed technical implementation resources and the integration guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions addressing some of the most common issues you may face.

A service manager is a key platform functionality that allows you to integrate the platform with services from external providers.